What is Buy Local Currituck?

When citizens buy local, they can help revive Currituck’s economy. In turn, locally-owned and operated businesses continually pump hard-earned dollars back into the local economy by way of taxes, payrolls and purchases. Remittances from the state for sales, gas and other taxes will increase. This means more money for schools, services, law enforcement, emergency services, and new jobs in our community

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Shopping at Currituck County businesses could make you a winner! Enter our Buy Local Currituck contest. There are two ways to win:



  1. Collect receipts when you shop or dine at five businesses located in Currituck County by the deadline listed on Read More...
Local Businesses Aid Backpacks for Kids Program
Oct 13,2014

The N.C. Cooperative Extension Center in Currituck County recently received a huge boost to its Backpacks for Kids program.  Two local businesses, SAGA Construction and Learn More...


The Buy Local Currituck Campaign is funded by the Currituck County Board of Commissioners.